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Ouch: Manti Te’o, Notre Dame zinged by Spirit Airlines in new low fares ad (photo)


Well, well, well, it did not take long for some enterprising company to attempt to cash in on the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax controversy. It appears that the first in the clubhouse with the lead is Spirit Airlines with an ad dripping with mockery and ridicule, not only at the expense of Te’o, but also Notre Dame.

Playing off Notre Dame football program’s legendary motto, “Play Like A Champion Today,” which is featured on a sign located in a stairwell between the Fighting Irish’s locker room and a tunnel that leads to Notre Dame Stadium’s field that is traditionally slapped by players as they walk under it, the ad indicates that the low fares are “No Hoax! These fares are really low!”

And for any prospective customers, have no fear, as an image located in the bottom right of the ad indicates that the fares are “Catfish Approved.”

Full ad with some chuckle-worthy copy located below.


Ha. Don’t be blue. Tell those high fares to R.I.P. Zing.

[via @TheBenBaker by way of @darrenrovell]