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New still surfaces from Kate Upton’s Super Bowl commercial for Mercedes (photo)


Word got out way back in November that Kate Upton would be appearing in a commercial for Mercedes-Benz and it would debut during the broadcast of Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3. It was also reported at that time that it would be a 60-second spot unveiling the new Mercedes CLA model. The commercial will also feature Usher.

Then, in December, Mercedes released a still of Upton from the commercial (above) to whet our collective, insatiable appetite for all things Kate Upton.

It now appears — a rudimentary search of the interwebs indicates it is relatively recent — that another still has either been leaked or released by Mercedes to further ratchet up the anticipation for the dream-like pairing of Kate Upton and high-end German automotive engineering.

A description of the commercial, via

The ad, which was created by Merkley+Partners (NYC), is a tongue-in-cheek depiction of how far a person might go to get their heart’s desire and what shape the “good life” might take.  Filmed in part on location in New Orleans, MBUSA went full throttle with star power including Kate Upton and Usher playing themselves.  But the commercial is more than just glitz, glamour and the unveiling of the CLA. It’s another example of the company’s ties to the city.

Heh. What shape the “good life” might take. And how.

To wit: With the initial still a more close-up shot of Miss Upton, the latest still from the commercial showcases Miss Upton’s considerable assets and the shape the “good life” can take.


Indeed. You might be asking yourself who the lucky bloke lucky enough to have his arm around Upton might be: His name is Sebastian Bacon and among his few acting credits includes the film Taking Woodstock. Yeah, I didn’t know who in the heck he was either.

Still, Feb. 3 cannot come soon enough.

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[image via Splash News Online]