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Kevin Durant is like the Manti Te’o of dunking or something (video)


Late in the second quarter of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 117-97 thumping of the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday, Kevin Durant drove down the lane and rocked the rim with a vicious two-handed slam. Once Durant put the ball on the floor at the top of the key, all the Nuggets players on the floor could do was stand idly by and watch the high-flying superstar drop the hammer.

Durant finished with only 20 points, a low number for him given his 28.7 PPG average, but as is often the case on this stacked Thunder squad that now sits with an NBA-best 31-8 record, other players were more than capable of picking up the slack.

But the dunk most certainly was the highlight of the night in this particular game. A dazzling display of speed, agility and power.

What’s that? How is Kevin Durant the Manti Te’o of dunking, you ask? Uh, I don’t know. I guess I really didn’t expect I would have to explain the above headline. How about…um…

Hey, look! Check out this hilarious SportsCenter “Breaking News”graphic about Te’o!


I knew that would distract you. But man, I really hoped I could come up with a well-crafted zinger to justify the headline, but there you go. I guess you could say as far as that headline is concerned, I was simply attempting to benefit from something I completely made up.

[graphic via TBL]