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Aww: Ryan Lochte sends a dozen roses to girl who asked him to her prom (photo)


It won’t be the first time it is mentioned and it certainly won’t be the last, but here goes: US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is kind of a tool. Or, at the very least, he comes off as one with alarming frequency.

On the other hand and to his credit, Lochte appears to recognize on some level that he’s looked upon as such and appears to have a sense of humor about it, evenĀ willing to satirize himself on occasion.

And then stories like this one emerges that at a minimum cast doubt on the generally accepted belief that he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. It at least demonstrates Lochte understands the importance of surrounding himself with people who know how to cast him in the best positive light possible.

Danielle Jennette is a senior at King’s Fork High School in Suffolk, Va. Being a member of the school’s swimming team, Jennette was well-aware of Lochte’s exploits in the pool last summer at the London Olympics.

Perhaps inspired by the exploits of high school and college students such as this gal and this guy, respectively, Jennette set upon her quest to land Ryan Lochte as her prom date. She set up a Twitter account and a Facebook page. She also posted a YouTube video. And her grandest gambit was she started raising money for a charity that counts itself as one of Lochte’s favorites.

In the end, enough attention was paid to Jennette’s efforts that even Lochte ended up hearing about it.

Lochte’s publicist wrote Jennette a note that read (via Game On!):

“Ryan has seen all your efforts and everything, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed, and he definitely wants to send you something, but he’s training six days a week for the next six months, so he won’t be able to attend your prom.”

But even though Lochte cannot attend her prom, Jennette’s story does have a happy ending, as she did eventually receive a handwritten note from Lochte along with a dozen roses:


(Photo via @itsjennette757)

How thoughtful. To borrow Lochte’s trademark word: Jeah. indeed.