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The crew Kris Humphries worked with on a Foot Locker commercial sound nice*


*not really

Brooklyn Nets big man and the sad sack of a gift that keeps on giving, Kris Humphries, was taking part in the filming of a Foot Locker commercial in New York last weekend. The folks on the shoot apparently not only were keenly aware of the many trials and tribulations Humphries has experienced due to his shortsighted decision to marry Kim Kardashian, up to and including the impending birth of the hellspawn resulting from the unholy coupling of Kim K. and her new beau, Kanye West, they also appear to have a fiendishly delicious sense of humor. Or are just very, very terrible, mean and heartless people.

According to the New York Post’s Page 6, some of the people on the set thought it would be a grand time to play a little prank on Humprhies, which they did, by plastering stories and photos from tabloids about the pregnancy of his estranged wife, which is funny, you see, because he’s still  married to her and…you get it.

But as far as Kris Humphries is concerned, he isn’t going to let some on-set hijinks making light of how he has been played for a foolish tool by Kardashian ruin his day. Nope. Ain’t nothin’ gonna break his stride, as the song goes.

In fact, Page 6’s spies indicate that Humphries “saw the funny side” of it all, even though his reps insist that the alleged prank never occurred.

Ha, funny side. Truly, there is nothing funnier than being mocked and ridiculed by total strangers. What a hoot. I’m surprised the story on Page 6 didn’t end as follows:

But to their credit, staffers involved in the prank later showed some remorse for their ruse. And to demonstrate their collective hope there were no hard feelings, each member of the crew apologized to Humphries personally. And then they all shared a good laugh. With Humphries once again feeling at ease, one member of the crew punched Humprhies in the throat and while he lay prone on the ground, gasping for air, the crew subjected him to a humiliating series of Wet Willies. Fiinally, fire ants were dumped down his pants. And then they laughed and laughed and laughed again. Besides Humphries. He wept.

But thankfully (?) for everybody involved, it did not end in such a manner.

Anyway, the Foot Locker ad reportedly will debut during the Super Bowl. Let’s hope the spot isn’t in the self-deprecating spirit of that Kevin Federline Super Bowl commercial from years ago. For Kris’ sake, the poor sap. I don’t know how much more that guy can handle.