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The NHL lockout turned Sidney Crosby into a middle-aged woman (photo)


Oh my goodness. Clearly, the stresses and lack of activity and absence of competition had a severe impact on Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby. At least if we are to believe this image from a television news report which indicates that the middle-aged woman on the screen is in fact Sid the Kid and that the toll of the lockout has transformed the superstar into this shell of his former self.

At least the Penguins allowed Crosby to retain his captaincy. It might be just the thing to help Crosby put an end to his rapid aging, not to mention his sudden change in gender. If that’s even possible at this point.

To paraphrase Jasper Beardley’s words to Apu: Oh, Sidney Crosby, the time elapsed during the lockout has ravaged your once-youthful looks.

[via @darrenrovell]