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Minor league baseball team has scheduled a ‘Farewell to Twinkies Night’


The Inland Empire 66ers, the Class A – Advanced affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, located in San Bernadino, Calif., were not going to stand idly by and witness the sad demise of Hostess Twinkies occur without the organization paying the delicious and beloved treat its proper and deserved respects.

While there remains hope that Twinkies may somehow be spared and saved from extinction as a tragic consequence of Hostess recently filing bankruptcy, the Inland Empire 66ers prefer to have all their bases covered (zing!) just in case this is indeed the swan song for the whipped cream-stuffed, yellow sponge cake morsels of snacky deliciousness.

The “Farewell to Twinkies Night” is scheduled to be held on Friday, Apr. 5. Among the many festivities and homages planned, some lucky fans in attendance will be afforded the opportunity to savor one last Twinkie. According to a press release on the team’s website, “The first 999 fans in attendance will receive a free Twinkie; however there will be a silent auction for the final Twinkie to be awarded during the seventh inning stretch with proceeds going to charity”

The team is also trying to woo Woody Harrelson into attending the game and the associated festivities. The reasons behind such a request were unbeknownst to me until I read the following blurb: “The organization has also extended an offer to actor Woody Harrelson, who in 2009, starred as the Twinkie obsessed Tallahassee in the zombie comedy, Zombieland, to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.”

The Inland Empire 66ers have also contacted Hostess in an attempt to “wrangling” Twinkie the Kid, the treat’s legendary lasso-wielding mascot, into an appearance.

Regarding the many wonderful things planned, general manager Joe Hudson explained what will surely be a memorable night as follows: “These 999 Twinkies could very well be the last produced and to be able to share them with our fans, would be a real treat. Hudson added, “We hope Mr. Harrelson and Twinkie the Kid are able to join us in celebration of this amazing snack that has brought joy and happiness to people all over the world since 1930.”

Indeed, Mr. Hudson. Indeed. Jeez, I’m getting all emotional just thinking about it. And hungry, not to mention a dire need for a quick infusion of sugar. TWINKIES!!!!!

[via the Official Site of the Inland Empire 66ers, by way of SB Nation]