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John Rocker: The Holocaust never would have happened if the Jews had guns


Given his outspoken nature and how he has utilized said nature to espouse his unorthodox views in the past, it’s not surprising that John Rocker has expressed his opinion about gun control and his interpretation of the rights afforded to citizens by the Second Amendment. It’s even less surprising that the former MLB closer, who is perhaps known best for a controversial 1999 interview with Sports Illustrated, recently offered up an, um, unique take on what he believes to be a compelling argument against gun control.

Presented without comment, below is a snippet what Rocker wrote in a column for World Net Daily, a site that bills itself as “A Free Press for a Free People.”

Mr. Obama wants to severely neuter the Second Amendment and disarm the law-abiding citizens of this nation, a similar act of tyrants throughout the 20th century such as Stalin, Mao and Hitler. Absolute certainties are a rare thing in this life, but one I think can be collectively agreed upon is the undeniable fact that the Holocaust would have never taken place had the Jewish citizenry of Hitler’s Germany had the right to bear arms and defended themselves with those arms.

There you go.

[World Net Daily, via Off the Bench]