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Video of unhinged meltdown by Vikings fan likely fake, but still worth a watch (video)


Few Minnesota Vikings fans were in the best of spirits last weekend as they watched their favorite NFL football team, led on offense by an inept Joe Webb, crap the bed in its wild card match-up with the rival Green Bay Packers.

Still, this fella’s over-the-top, manic, coffee table-destroying meltdown is one for the ages. If it’s real. Which it is probably not.

Egad. That’s some unhinged behavior right there, although the onslaught of his breakdown — the slamming down of the throw pillow — is a bit dainty and leaves something to be desired.

But that doesn’t stop Insane Vikings Fan Guy from picking up a speaker located behind the couch and dropping it through the glass top of the couple’s coffee table, terrifying the young woman unlucky enough to be witnessing his whacked-out antics.

And this just wasn’t some random coffee table. It was the gal’s grandma’s coffee table. Sheesh.

But before he later sheepishly begins to pick up the shattered pieces of glass — and perhaps the shattered pieces of his relationship — Insane Vikings Fan Guy attempts to legitimize his destructive behavior by saying it’s not his fault and that the Vikings suck. And when his girlfriend (?) attempts to chastise him, he of course justifies his insane ranting and raving by saying, “Well, it’s the playoffs.” Good grief.

What a freakshow. If the video is even real. Which it’s probably not.