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New York Times earns kudos for sports page commentary on Hall of Fame vote (pic)


It is hard to argue with the fact that The New York Times is the bastion of New York newspapers, the torch-bearer of legitimate journalism in that fair city. Because of this, it is able to snootily look down upon its fellow papers that also bear the great city’s name in their titles like the Post and Daily News, papers that routinely traverse more salacious territory and wallow in more sensationalistic tabloid journalism.

But for once, the Times has elected to forgo wielding its considerable power and unparalleled dignity in order to harshly criticize the aftermath of the announcement of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America’s Hall of Fame vote on Wednesday, the outcome of which yielded no entrants into the National Baseball Hall of Fame for the year 2013. And the editors did so by publishing the following as the front page of its sports section:


Burn. That’ll learn ’em, those BBWA ingrates. Plus, the nearly blank page also bears one fringe benefit: the Times saved a bunch of money on ink. Which is pretty neat when you think about it.

And still, despite the paper’s best efforts to castigate the results of Hall of Fame voting, my guess is Roger Clemens would still has this to say in closing:  Muchie Peachie. Because that’s how he rolls.

[image via @nytimessports]