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Could Derek Jeter’s new galpal, Hannah Davis, be 2013’s Kate Upton? (photos)

According to inside gossip, the devastatingly gorgeous Hannah Davis — who happens to be the latest in a long line of drop-dead gorgeous girlfriends of New York Yankees ladykiller Derek Jeter — wowed editors working on this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue during her recent photo shoot.

Davis, who is 22 and is a native of the U.S. Virgin Islands — who has previously has starred in campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s — will make her “Swimsuit Issue” debut in the 2013 edition. And with the way in which she dazzled onlookers, she very well could be in the running for the much-coveted role of issue cover girl.

Via the New York Post’s Page Six, who have reported that Jeter and Davis have been spotted clubbing and meeting at posh New York hotels in the past, offered up this nugget:

The shoots have just wrapped up, and we’re told green-eyed Davis, 22, made a “rare, huge first impression” on the SI editors for her rookie issue. Sources told us Davis could even be one of the beauties in the running for this year’s cover.

If we have learned anything from Kate Upton’s meteoric rise from well-known bikini model to global phenomenon following her appearance on the cover of the 2012 Swimsuit Issue, it’s that with a little bit of luck of landing this year’s cover, Davis perhaps could enjoy a similar ascension in the coming year. But who knows if Davis possesses the same level of charisma and infectious outgoing nature — and dance moves, mustn’t forget those amazing dance moves — that have made Miss Upton a certified internet sensation and a favorite of this here sports blog, not to mention countless others.

But to do my part in raising awareness of the budding talent — as if she needed any help — please feel free to peruse the gallery I compiled below of the lovely Hannah Davis. Enjoy.

Is it just me, or does Davis bear a striking resemblance to the moody, erratic yet talented singer/songwriter Fiona Apple? You know if Apple mixed in a double cheeseburger every once in a while.