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Bryce Harper campaigns for MLB 13 cover by macking on the ladies (video)


D.C. Sports Bog reports that Washington Nationals phenom Bryce Harper — and apparently, an aspiring ladies man — has been very aggressive in his campaign to secure cover boy status on MLB 13, tweeting like a madman and pulling out whatever steps are necessary to land on the front of the to-be-released video game.

Harper has kicked it up a notch with his latest effort, a video entitled, “For the Ladies,” in which he attempts to show off his softer, romantic side in a bid to make himself appear more alluring to the ladies, who I am sure you know comprise a huge part of the baseball video game-buying market.

Nevertheless, watching Bryce Harper utter the words, “To all the ladies out there, I’d really appreciate it if you voted for me to be the ‘MLB 13: The Show’ cover athlete today,” and adding, “But I just want you to know that I’ve been thinking about you, too. Baby, I got you flowers,” before placing a rose in his mouth and hissing…or growling…or something…well, it’s, once again, something.

Wow. He must really really really want that cover.