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Roger Clemens has interesting reaction to not being voted into Hall of Fame

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Rog

So, the results are in and for the first time since 1996, the Baseball Writers Association of America failed to induct a single person into Cooperstown. Among those denied entry: Craig Biggio, Jack Morris, Mike Piazza, Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds and many others.

I’ll allow the statheads, numbers geeks and those of that ilk break down and analyze how the vote went down and who was the most robbed, who deserved it and who will have better luck next year, but Roger Clemens appears to be the first of those slighted to make a public reaction to the very public slight. And it’s a doozy. At least in a confusing, head-scratching sort of way.

Clemens took to Twitter to express his disappointment. And while his words appeared heartfelt, honest and to be fair, at least somewhat understandable — although that depends on which side of the fence one happens to be on the Great Debate that will pervade Hall of Fame voting for the next decade and perhaps further — the way Clemens chose to sign off on the tweet is what makes it most peculiar.

“Muchie Peachie”? The hell? I have never heard that used. At first, I suspected he was trying to use “Machu Picchu” but that made no sense. So I checked and according to Urban Dictionary, the term is used as follows: “If someone does something to help you and you want to thanks or that was much appreciated you can just say muchie peachie.” And if Clemens hadn’t used it as a sign-off, I would have had no idea the term even existed. Weird.

To me, “muchie peachie” sounds too much like “snoochie boochies,” the oft-uttered phrase of Jay from Jay and Silent Bob fame. But hey, maybe that’s just me. But in any event, thanks for reading. Muchie peachie. Or whatever.