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Nothing to see here, just a Denver Broncos player urinating during practice (photo)


Since Dom Cosentino over at Deadspin already nailed most of the urine-based jokes — quite expertly, I might add — allow me to simply present the above image of Denver Broncos center Dan Koppen taking a break during a team practice to mosey on over to a tree-lined area to relieve himself.

Denver Westword has a Zapruder-like breakdown of the video that was originally on the Broncos team website (but as since been pulled, likely for the attention the video has garnered because it was noticed that a player was clearly taking a leak in the background), and there is no disputing the fact that Koppen is in fact taking a pee. Clearly, when Peyton Manning is running a practice session, there’s no time to run to the locker room to take a whiz. Unless it’s for some Papa John’s or something, maybe.

And while a humorous scene, I’m fairly certain it will not inspire a new saying in the spirit of the classic “Does a bear s**t in the woods?” “Does a Bronco piss in the trees?” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.