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NBATV graphic depicts a Lakers starting lineup even Kobe Bryant would like (pic)


Prior to Tuesday night’s tilt between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets at the Toyota Center, the wisenheimers at NBATV had a little fun at the expense of the depleted Lakers lineup.

With the Lakers playing without both Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol, among others, perhaps the above lineup consisting of five Kobe Bryants may have been preferable to the motley crew Los Angeles trotted out for the opening tip in Houston.

And hey, we all know Kobe would have liked it. But I do, however, have one concern. If Kobe was in fact cloned and five Kobes took the floor, how would that affect ball movement? Would Kobe be willing to pass to Kobe or would the Kobe with the ball feel he was a superior player to the other Kobe? Furthermore, isn’t it possible that a Multiplicity-type scenario would develop where each successive Kobe clone would be a degraded and less pure version of the original Kobe?

I dunno, man, seems like that is the kind of perverted science that just should not be practiced. Although Chris Webber also appears to be operating on the same wavelength:


And for what it is worth, the non-all-Kobe Lakers lineup couldn’t match up with, at least on this night, a far more deep and formidable Rockets roster, as Houston beat Los Angeles by a score of 125-112 for the team’s fifth straight win, not to mention L.A.’s fourth-straight loss.

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