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Behold, the lastest meme-worthy sports photo: ‘The Peekaboo Derrick Rose’ (pics)

In the same whimsical spirit of “McKayla is not Impressed”, “Mo Farah Running Away from Things”, “Cristiano Ronalds is not Impressed”, “Brandon Lloyd Smiling Reception”, and many, countless others, another photo from the sports world is spawning a meme frenzy on the interwebs: Chicago Bulls superstar peering around a corner following a game that is being referred to as: The Peekaboo Derrick Rose.”

Originally posted to Twitter by the Chicago Tribune‘s Amanda Kaschube, the folks at ChicagoSideSports saw the untapped potential for some hilarious memeing-related hijinks, so they ran with it, inviting readers to submit their own clever takes on the photo.

Some of my personal favorites follow.

derrick-rose-peekaboo-meme-2 derrick-rose-peekaboo-meme-3 derrick-rose-peekaboo-meme-4 derrick-rose-peekaboo-meme-6 derrick-rose-peekaboo-meme-7 derrick-rose-peekaboo-meme-8

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