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You are looking live at Brent Musburger ogling AJ McCarron’s girlfriend (video)


Okay, actually, you are not technically looking live at veteran announcer Brent Musburger eye-humping Katherine Webb, the incredibly attractive girlfriend of Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron. Said eye-humping in fact occurred during Monday night’s BCS National Championship Game, but if a classic Brent Musburger reference from his days hosting The NFL Today is right there for the taking like low-hanging fruit, well, good sir, I’m sure as heck taking it.

But what is relevant here — and somewhat disturbing (make that abundantly disturbing) — is how Musburger and his broadcast booth cohort, Kirk Herbstreit, go off on a tongue-wagging tangent when Katherine Webb is discovered in the crowd by a cameraman. You see, Musburger has been on this earth for a whopping 73 years, and Webb, a former Miss Alabama and Auburn grad, is all of  23 years old, making Webb young enough to be Musburger’s granddaughter and Musburger a dirty, dirty old man.

Herbstreit? We can cut him some slack. After all, he’s nowhere near as ancient as Musburger, and what was he supposed to do? Call his broadcasting partner out for practically drooling over the comely young lady?

Goodness gracious. Like a couple of frat boys in the throes of manic horndoggery, wouldn’t you say?

A partial transcript of the duo’s exchange:

“When you’re a quarterback at Alabama …you see that LOVELY lady there… I don’t wanna admit that, but she’s also Miss Alabama .. and that’s A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, okay…Wow, I’m telling, you quarterbacks, you get all the good lookin’ women. That’s a…what a BEAUTIFUL woman.”


Herbstreit manages to sneak a few words in edgewise, but the enchanted Musburger cannot help himself and continues on:

“So if you’re a youngster in Alabama, start gettin’ the football out and throwin’ it around the backyard with pops.”

Brent Musburger: 73 years old and still loving the ladies. Good on him. And you can’t argue with his assessment, either. She is one LOVELY lady. Just the way he said that ups the creepiness ante a notch or two. Gold.

Oh, and a football game took place, too, and while it was for all the marbles and the BCS Championship, the attention paid to Alabama’s throttling of Notre Dame has paled in comparison to the frenzy surrounding one Miss Katherine Webb.  She’s big-time now, whether she likes it or not. The way in which her Twitter account exploded last night more than tells the tale, as the young lady accumulated an additional 90,000 followers on Monday night.