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NHL player was given only Red Bull to drink by Euro team while playing overseas


It’s reasonable to suspect that most NHL players who elected to play overseas during the lengthy lockout are relieved to be returning to the U.S. and Canada to resume playing for their respective clubs in the world’s greatest hockey league — and that remains true even after owners and players did irreparable damage to the NHL with their stubbornness and inability to resolve the lockout in a reasonable amount of time.

And while stories of the radically different experiences of NHL players across the pond while playing on Euro team rosters are sure to become fodder in stories by NHL scribes leading up to the start of the league’s abbreviated season, the bizarre ordeal Boston Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk reportedly was forced to suffer through will likely take the cake and remind players just how good they have it playing in the National Hockey League.

During the lockout, Boychuk plied his trade toiling for Austrian league team EC Red Bull Salzburg. According to a tweet from CSN New England reporter Joe Haggerty, Boychuk’s refreshment options in the team’s locker room were severely limited. And pretty obvious to boot, in light of the team’s name, not to mention kind of gross:

Cripes. Given the absurd amount of product Red Bull moves, I am clearly in the minority as a person who believes that the soft drink is nasty, horrible-tasting swill, but having that be the only option available to quench one’s thirst say, after a practice or a game? That’s nearly criminal, man.

Red Bull: It gives you wings. And crippling bouts of jittery nausea.

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