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Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea tweets he’s mad at the Oklahoma City Thunder

It looks like Lil Wayne isn’t the only high-profile personality from the music business who feels that the Oklahoma City Thunder organization does not know how to treat musicians with the proper amount of respect and decorum.

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea took to Twitter on Monday to chastise the Oklahoma City Thunder organization and the folks who operate Chesapeake Energy Arena for what he perceived as shoddy treatment of a big-time rock star when he wasn’t allowed access to the Thunder’s locker room before he and his band performed in concert at the arena.

The Chili Peppers are currently on tour and Flea apparently was kicking around the arena before the band’s Monday night show when he says he was either rebuffed by someone in a position of authority or even worse in his eyes, wasn’t even asked if he would like to tour the Thunder’s locker room.

Noveau riche? What does he even mean by that? That the member of the arena’s security detail who refused access has amassed his or her own wealth on their own? Or is he implying that the Thunder fancy themselves new members among the upper crust of NBA teams now that the team has played in the Finals? So confusing.

It warrants mentioning that Flea is a frequent attendee of Los Angeles Lakers games at Staples Center, so his bitterness at the Thunder may be two-fold. Plus, there’s this:


As Ball Don’t Lie correctly points out, there are many components that comprise how security is orchestrated in an NBA arena and perhaps it’s possible that at the time Flea requested access, someone with the authority to give the go-ahead to Flea’s tour was not available. Further, Flea probably wouldn’t like a bunch of yahoos fiddling around or nearby his treasured equipment when he wasn’t around, either, so there’s that, too.

If you ask me, Flea probably should have kept his complaints to himself and instead sought “Higher Ground” on this one. And yes, that’s the only Peppers song reference I’m going to make. And that was tough.