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Chris Paul, Blake Griffin record DeAndre Jordan taking a snooze and snoring (video)

In a prank akin to Kevin Love taking snapshots of his fellow USA men’s basketball team sleeping on a team flight, Los Angeles Clippers stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, as a goof, decided to document a sleeping teammate. Only this time instead of photographic documentation, Griffin and CP3 videotaped their snoozing teammate and the victim was DeAndre Jordan. And for our benefit and viewing pleasure, the fellas uploaded the video to YouTube.

The videotaping component was necessary because that was the only way the dynamic duo could properly document that Jordan was sawing logs…snoring to the layperson.

Good stuff right there, but it’s disappointing they didn’t continue recording after someone started sticking their fingers near Jordan’s nose. It would have been a hoot to see his reaction to their hijinks.

But do you know what’s no laughing matter, though? Sleep apnea. And snoring is a common symptom of the condition. Somebody should tell Jordan to get that checked out.

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