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Cause of Eva Longoria-Mark Sanchez split: He’s always crabby over Jets being crappy

According to TMZ (who else are you going to turn to regarding matters such as these?), the breakup between Hollywood starlet Eva Longoria and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was not caused by hectic schedules, age difference or several of the other purported causes that have been speculated. Instead, a source says that Longoria kicked Sanchez to the curb because he was so damn crabby all the time about how the Jets have been playing this season.

Sounds like Sanchez was unable or unwilling to leave work at work, eh?

A source told TMZ that “It’s hard to maintain a relationship when one person is upset all the time.” It appears that Sanchez was trying to mend fences over his sour and dour disposition as a different source told New York Post’s Page Six that Sanchez is “really upset about the breakup” and “tried everything he could to make [Eva] happy…. the problem was Mark is very focused on football while Eva is a busy businesswoman.”

A Sanchez representative told Page Six that the split was amicable, saying, “It was really more about scheduling” and indicating as far as Sanchez and Longoria are concerned from this point forward, that the two “will remain close friends.” Well, that’s a relief.

But if TMZ’s report is accurate and Sanchez has indeed consistently been a downer when the couple spent time together, it would be hardly surprising. Sanchez’s tenure in New York has been a pressure-packed affair, and that was before Tim Tebow rolled into town and started breathing down Sanchez’s neck. Add that to how the Jets are sitting with a 3-4 record coming off a devastating overtime loss to the hated Patriots, and it’s not a stretch to imagine that Sanchez hasn’t the happiest fellow as of late.

But it looks like the gravy train for all the gossip hounds has come to an unsatisfying end relating to the Longoria-Sanchez relationship drama. Poor, poor them. Meanwhile, we here at the Sportress will continue to bring you hard-hitting, actual sports news. It’s not like we’d ever stoop to covering this kind of trivial, non-important stuff ad nauseum, right?