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Tiger Woods has done many awkward interviews, this one tops them all (video)

Throughout his career, Tiger Woods has been known as a tricky interview subject. Profoundly evasive at times and at others aloof and nearly confrontational, journalists who routinely interview and cover Tiger have learned over the years that the golfer is a tough nut to crack, so much so that many of them rarely even bother asking him anything that could be considered a tough or provocative question anymore.

With that in mind, there have been occasions where a journalist has tried to put Tiger on the spot and in the hot seat, as the saying goes, only to be shot down by the savvy Woods. Don’t even bother, right?

This fact was apparently unknown or at the very least ignored by CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, who tried to utilize her toughest journalistic chops to get Tiger to comment on anything of relative interest.

Woods, along with FUSE Science CEO Brian Tuffin, appeared on The Closing Bell last Friday to promote his support for something called FUSE Science, and as you will see from the interview, Woods wasn’t about to give an inch to Bartiromo.

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Hoo boy, that wasn’t pretty. From Bartiromo asking Tiger about his stake in FUSE, to questions about Lance Armstrong and his issues with endorsements after the crumbling of his marriage following the exposure of his whoremongering private life, it was a whole heaping pile of awkwardness.

I guess Bartiromo didn’t get the memo about Woods. Nor should she expect him to return to her show anytime soon.

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