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The goggles do nothing! Steelers to debut these jersey atrocities Sunday (photos)

My eyes! During a press conference at Heinz Field way back in April, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced that the team would don throwback uniforms on two occasions this year to celebrate the organization’s 80th season. And on Sept. 7, the Steelers subsequently announced what games the team would be wearing the throwbacks: On Oct. 28 for a game against the Washington Redskins and on Nov. 18 for a tilt against the Baltimore Ravens.

Those of you skilled in the talent of reading comprehension undoubtedly put together on your own that this Sunday is Oct. 28, meaning the Steelers squad will be sporting the above jerseys in a few days.

A photo gallery featuring additional images of a mannequin sporting the off-putting duds as well as running back Isaac Redman modeling the entire uniform during the April press conference follows. If you can handle it.

Dear lord. Those are certainly…something. And the socks? They look like something the Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the East would wear if she were to join Christian metal band Stryper. And that’s not a compliment.

Speaking of not complimentary, here’s what James Harrison tweeted after taking a gander at the retro gear, which hasn’t been worn since the Steelers’ 1934 season:

Can’t argue with that sentiment. But here’s one last thought: If these uniforms are indeed “throwbacks,” what’s preventing the Steelers from, you know, throwing them back, amirite? Zing!