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St. Louis Cardinals fans exploit son’s devastation for YouTube notoriety (video)

It’s been awhile since we have highlighted the troubling trend that has developed of sports fans exploiting the tears of their child following a heartbreaking loss by a favorite sports team by uploading a video to the internet that captures the poor kid’s devastation.

In the latest upload, some parent — or parents — pointed the camera at their weepy 4-year-old son to document just how heartbroken he was realizing that his beloved St. Louis Cardinals were about to be eliminated by the San Francisco Giants and would not be making a repeat appearance in the World Series.

The YouTube description:

Our 4 year old wept with the rest of the Cardinal Nation while being put to bed during the 5th inning of Game 7 of the 2012 NLCS game against the Giants. He asked many of the same question in the minds and hearts of Cardinal fans across the country. Go Cards!

For the most part, the videos are adorable and innocent enough, and there is little reason to suspect that the parents mean any ill-will towards their own child, whom of course they love. But you have to wonder, in the cases of children old enough to go to school, how these kids feel about their pals in the schoolyard being able to watch them crying their eyes out.

Further, in this particular instance, the parent who filmed and uploaded the video included an email address,¬† This was done presumably in order to be able to receive supportive emails from fellow Cardinals fans who are as disappointed and dejected as this little boy and not to field inquiries from news outlets that might like to interview the wee lad. Because that would be awfully exploitative, wouldn’t it? I’m hoping it’s the former and not the latter in this instance.

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