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Oops: When asked to compare himself to other QBs, RG3 mentions ‘Tom Brees’ (video)

Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III has proved to be a very mature, highly savvy young man that belies his age and experience, both on the field and off of it. But if he’s anything like most people — which is arguable — RG3 probably cringed after recently taking part in an interview with ESPN’s Chris McKendry.

Griffin III was making an appearance on tWWL on Tuesday as part of a promotional tour for the video game Assassin’s Creed III. McKendry asked RG3 which quarterbacks he compares himself to, and the Redskins quarterback, for the most part, provided a quality answer. He said he tries not to compare himself to other quarterbacks, but one minor gaffe at the end, while no big deal in the long run, was an amusing occurrence.

Said Griffin III (starting about the 3:10 mark):

“You know, I try not to limit myself to comparing myself to one person,” Griffin said. “You try to blend your game from everybody else’s game. So you can be elusive like a Vick or a Randall Cunningham; you can manage the game and manage the pocket like Peyton Manning or Tom Brees; or just be exceptional at what you do like Aaron Rodgers. So I just try to take all that, put it in my game and then add my own twist to it.”

Ah, the perils of live television. RG3 clearly meant to mention either Tom Brady or Drew Brees and mixed up the names, and as mentioned above, while it’s no biggie, it’s nonetheless somewhat humorous. Although if this is the worst gaffe that RG3 commits during an otherwise already-impressive rookie season, Redskins fans would most certainly be tremendously thrilled with that eventuality.

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