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Jews for Tebow? With a Facebook page and 4,000 members: Yep, it’s a thing

It’s more than reasonable to expect that if you asked folks who populate the cross-section of where NFL fans and Evangelical Christians meet, most of those people would likely proclaim that they are big-time Tim Tebow fans, even if the spiritual quarterback doesn’t play for their favorite NFL team. But those of the Jewish faith? Yep, for thousands of Jewish people worldwide, even the lure of Tebow proves too difficult to resist, despite the divergent religious views and theological differences between Tebow and those who refer to themselves “Jews for Tebow.”

New York’s Metro has written an in-depth piece published on Wednesday that covers the “Jews for Tebow” movement. Formed last November following Tebow’s remarkable comeback against the New York Jets when he was still a member of the Denver Broncos, Jews for Tebow’s Facebook page boasts nearly 4,000 “likes” and as the movement attracts media attention, that number is sure to grow. It is Tebow, after all.

 Said Ike Thaler, a Florida alum and founder of Jews for Tebow (via Metro):

“Despite his collegiate success, Tebow seemed to represent the underdog to the American public. As I was glued to game after game, I continued to watch people doubt whether he will make it as an NFL quarterback. Frankly, after he helped the Broncos shock the Jets, it seemed clear to me that I needed to start the group as a show of support for Tebow even though we do not share the same religious views. With time, I have found that other Jews shared the same support for Tebow. More of our supporters and members seem to concentrate on the football aspect of his career more than the religious aspect. We do have our share of religiously conservative fans, but the majority simply love the fact that he is a positive role model and an exciting football player that tends to beat the odds and win.”

But what if you’re not Jewish but Jews for Tebow’s ideas are intriguing to you and you wish to subscribe to their newsletter? No problem. According to Thaler, the group’s 4,000 members are evenly split between Jewish and non-Jewish fans. What matters most, as Tamara Rosov (above), a Jews for Tebow member and site administrator for the club’s Facebook page, told Metro, what attracts Jewish and non-Jewish people alike to Tebow is his spirituality:

“Tebow’s faith is who he is. Faith is also important to many Jews, as well as believers in every other religion. He feels his faith deeply and we respect that. It is not artificial or an act, it is genuinely who he is.”

And there you have it. In a way, Jews for Tebow is a lot like Jews for Jesus. But, you know, totally different and stuff. Yeah.