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Denver ‘sleaze metal’ band now selling satanic Peyton Manning shirts (photo)

A Kissing Suzy Kolber tipster passed along the scoop about how Speedwolf, a sleaze metal band based in Denver, has started to sell the above shirt trumpeting the satanic symbolism in the jersey number of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. As you can plainly see, if you add 6+6+6, you arrive at 18, Peyton Manning’s number.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this shirt, along with the fact that “Peyton” rhymes with “Satan,” not to mention that the holy Tebow’s exodus from Denver was prompted by Manning signing with the Broncos, I require no additional evidence that Peyton Manning is pure, unadulterated evil and has to be one of Satan’s earthbound minions. It all adds up, just like Peyton’s jersey number.

Unfortunately at this time, Speedwolf’s website indicates that the band has sold out of the Peyton tees, but I reckon more will be made available soon enough. The devil’s in the details and Lucifer will always find a way to pollute and corrupt young minds. The Prince of Darkness, The Devourer of Souls, Beelzebub — whatever you want to call him — probably could even teach Tebow how to throw a 10-yard out pass, for Christ’s sake.

Hail Peyton!