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Brett Hull zings Buffalo Sabres fans with ‘In the Crease’ Halloween pumpkin (photo)

The above image of Brett Hull scoring a goal for the Dallas Stars in triple overtime of Game 6 of the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals against the Buffalo Sabres is the most iconic — and controversial — image (and play) from that playoff series, or any NHL playoff series, for  that matter. The goal secured Lord Stanley’s Cup for the Stars even though it was illegal for an offensive player’s skate to enter the crease before the puck, something Hull’s skate clearly did.

In what has commonly been referred to as “No Goal” by the Sabres faithful,  the play has been a source of acrimony and bitterness for Sabres fans since it occurred all those years ago. So the fact that Hull trolled Sabres fans everywhere by tweeting a photo of a Jack ‘o Lantern bearing a re-creation of the image? Well, it’s quite the zinger by Hull, indeed.

With the message, “Happy halloween to all my friends in Buffalo!”, here’s Hull’s put-down pumpkin (via @2ndBestHull, by way of Puck Daddy):

Oh, snap! The jesting, jeering Jack o’ Lantern was created by Dallas Stars fan Travis Currie, and while I give this Travis fellow props for his creation, as a Minnesotan still bitter about the NORTH Stars moving to Dallas (SCREW YOU, NORM GREEN!), I still cannot bring myself to accepting that the Stars won the Stanley Cup after the team’s departure from the Land of 10,000 Lakes and not before Green forced the franchise’s relocation. Some wounds never heal, so I can totally understand how Buffalo Sabres fans probably feel about this pumpkin. Yeah.