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Yao Ming sucks at golf (video)

Not much really you can say about the hilarious video below of Yao Ming needing two hacks to get the ball up on the green from close by, just that it’s not surprising that a guy who stands 7’6″ might struggle playing a game better designed for a person of more average height. The video from the Mission Hills Celebrity Pro-Am in Haikou, China, illustrates that despite being a world-class basketball player, Yao Ming’s handle on golf is still a tenuous grip at best.

But hey, it sure is funny to watch. See? Former pro athletes: They suck at golf just like me!

Yowsers. Those were some ugly hacks, man.

Yao’s swing, as broken down by Brian Manzella, a Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher (via SI):

“He’s obviously a very new golfer. He’s facing the challenge every new golfer faces … [and] that club is definitely too short for him.”

Indeed, it does certainly look like Yao could use some longer clubs, but would they fit in his comically small-looking (although standard sized) golf bag?

Ha. That’s amusing, too. Tall people are funny.

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]