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Raptors big man Amir Johnson really stood out at a ‘Zombie Walk’ in Toronto (photo)

Toronto Raptors center/forward Amir Johnson is apparently something of a zombie buff, as evidenced by the fact that his favorite television show is The Walking Dead. In fact, his affinity for zombies goes so far that he participated in a “Zombie Walk” through the streets of Toronto on Saturday.

Unfortunately, being 6-foot-9 causes an aspiring zombie walker who would rather blend in with his undead brethren to stand head and shoulders above his fellow walking dead. I mean he really stuck out, like a mummy at a werewolf party, whatever that means.

Said Johnson about his experience taking part in Toronto’s annual “Zombie Walk” for the first time (via

”I had so much fun at Nuit Blanche, the art thing, so I was like, let me try the zombie deal,”  he said after Sunday’s practice.  “I was excited to do it and I might have some plans next year to do it again.”

Johnson, who said The Walking Dead is his favourite TV show, went full out by hiring a professional makeup artist to spend an hour on a truly authentic undead appearance.

Did the makeup pass the test for the six-foot-nine forward among an expected crowd of over 7,000 wannabe walkers?

“Nobody recognized me,” said Johnson. “Maybe two people that kind of recognized me and they were just standing there like ‘that’s a tall zombie. Wait a minute, are you Amir?’ and I’m like ‘No, I’m not Amir. Nooooo.’ It was pretty awesome.”

The fact that Johnson went all-out and hired a makeup artist to create that authentic zombie look that “wannabe walkers” and Nicolas Cage (in everyday life, not for zombie walks) strive for when stepping out is truly impressive. Gotta give him credit for the effort.

Here’s another photo of Amir posing with another zombie (via):

But let’s be honest, if there were a zombie apocalypse and Johnson became a member of a roving zombie horde, any experience zombie hunter would identify him and pick him off immediately with his or her gun, causing his head to explode like a rotten pumpkin in a visceral onslaught of blood and gore. You know, because he stands so much higher than the other zombies. Duh.