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Feel chills as this creepy Florida Gators fan peers directly into your soul (video)

Sure, the Florida Gators laid a savage SEC beatdown on the South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday in Gainesville, winning 44-11, but that doesn’t mean every single Gators fan in attendance was enjoying the show. Or at least, when a camera panned over a gaggle of Gators fans early in the 4th quarter, there was one disturbed individual who clearly was unwilling to exhibit any sense of joy. Or a pulse for that matter.

 Yamma hamma, it’s fright night.  What’s with that kid? Such a cold, unfeeling gaze. Check out the look on the face of the girl directly behind him: Clearly she has been driven into the depths of madness simply by being in such close proximity to the creepy dude. If Florida alum Tim Tebow wasn’t so busy riding the pine on the Jets bench he could have been on hand to perform an emergency exorcism.

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