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Either this guy is a Bears fan or he’s a member of some pagan bear cult (photo)

Holy crap. Check out this guy’s getup. Between the war paint on his face, the bear head, and to complete the ensemble, the bear arms with what appears to be claws crafted out of wood, this guy came to the stadium ready for action. Either this guy is one of the biggest Chicago Bears fans out there, is a member of some pagan nature cult that worships the bear or he simply was running late to get to the game after rehearsal for his local theater’s production of The Clan of the Cave Bear.

Or he’s just nuts. That’s a possibility, but I’m going with a Bears fan since he was attending a Bears-Lions game. It’s higher-order reasoning, but I think you guys know what I’m getting at here.

Imagine if a die-hard Lions fan — or a member of a pagan cult that worships lions — decked out in similarly animalistic garb, only Lion-themed, sat down next to this guy. Talk about awkward.

[H/T @SBNationGIF, via PFZ]