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A bit of the old ultraviolence: MMA knockout by way of brutal head kick (vid)

This unidentified slice of a bit of the old ultraviolence presumably comes from so faraway land where fighters engaging in the mixed martial arts bit might not be as well trained nor as evenly matched as one has come to expect here in the States.

Or maybe this kind of savage beating, where a fighter gets knockeddafuggout in the early stages of a round courtesy of a ferocious kick to the head from his opponent, happens all the time. If so, methinks these guys didn’t read the fine print about exactly what they were getting themselves into. Or they’re just nuts enough to believe they have a chance to walk away from any given fight not maimed, permanently disfigured or severely brain damaged.

Holy crap. Fighter’s Head: Meet Opponent’s Foot, coming at the cranium at frightening speed and violently delivering maximum damage.

Savage, man. Savage.

[H/T Cage Potato, via TBL]