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Prince Fielder’s leap before fielding final out fitting for man of his proportions (vid)

It’s hardly surprising that Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder was pretty excited as he stared up into the sky on Thursday, realizing that all he had to do was allow the ball popped straight up into the air off Jayson Nix’s bat to fall into his waiting glove and he would be making his first trip to the World Series.

Fielder executed a curious little leap before fielding the popup for the final out of Game 4 that completed Detroit’s four-game sweep. And while the jump — albeit a leap that lacked any semblance of verticality, even for a man of his, shall we say, generous proportions¬†— it was an honest and impromptu expression of joy from Fielder and you cannot fault him for that.

Ha. Now that’s a jump for joy, to be sure, but I’m putting his vertical at about 1.5 inches, if that. My guess is Prince Fielder isn’t dunking any basketballs on a routine basis. That is, unless he is employing the bouncy qualities of a trampoline or something. And if so, that trampoline better have a bunch of industrial-grade springs. Just saying, man. The guy’s huge, if you hadn’t noticed.

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