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Patriots RB rocks onesie jumpsuit, gets fellow running backs to do the same (pics)

Well, that’s certainly an interesting wardrobe choice. Tweeted by the official Twitter account of the New England Patriots with the message, “@StevanRidley rockin’ the onesie jumpsuit while he chats w/@nflnetwork,” above is the odd image of running back Stevan Ridley rocking a zip-up, onesie jumpsuit kind of outfit. Wow.

Ridley explained the wacky getup thusly:

“The brand actually sent me the onesie awhile back and I had to get the running backs in on it. It’s just kind of a small joke to try and get some smiles on faces around the locker room.

“It’s a team thing. I tried to get my running backs coach (Ivan Fears) one but he wasn’t going for it. The running backs pulled together as a unit and like Bill (Belichick) says, it’s all about the team. I can’t be the only one, so I had to get the rest involved.

“It’s all about the team for me. Maybe I’ll walk in here one day and the whole squad will be in one. You never know.”

Ridley managed to get at least partway to his goal of convincing the entire team to embrace the unique onesie jumpsuit look, as he managed to get the other fellas that make up the Patriots contingent of running backs to wear them.

Via Shane Vereen’s Twitter account:

Now that, my friends, is one motley-looking-crew. But a comfortable one. And what’s the deal with NFL players rocking the onesie look lately. First it was DeAngelo Hall’s footie pajamas, now this.

Saying the fellas call him “the angry Telletubby,” Ridley, when asked if he thought he’d ever get head coach Bill Belichick to climb in and zip up one of his onesie jumpsuits, said, “I’m going to try,” before adding, “I’m going to do my job and try, put it that way.”

Yeah, I’m not seeing that happening. Unless someone cuts the sleeves off one of them first, of course.