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Oregon Ducks fan sports neon green beard, resembles a psychedelic Santa (pic)

The Oregon Ducks hit the road to take on the Arizona State Sun Devils down in Tempe for a Thursday night match-up. Traveling with them, I imagine, was a decent contingent of Ducks backers, as the fan base always travels well.

Among those who made the trip south — or maybe they are just snowbirds who came down to Arizona early, who knows? — were these two crazy characters. And while the lady is sporting a unique enough look, her companion’s two-toned, neon green beard is truly the star of the duo’s “Gotta Support the Team” display.

And as a bonus for these two whacked-out cats, they were fortunate enough to see quite the show by their Ducks, as the No. 2-ranked Oregon throttled Arizona State 43-21 to improve to 7-0. Far out.

The reference in the title above bears repeating: the dude looks like a psychedelic Santa Claus. A psychedelic Santa Claus who, in light of the tie-dye shirt and overall appearance, probably spends a considerable amount of time thinking about how it’s a real drag the Grateful Dead can’t tour anymore. Rest in peace, Jerry. Can you dig it, man?

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