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Christian Ponder confirms on Twitter he’s dating ESPN’s Samantha Steele

It appears a high profile pairing between an NFL quarterback and an attractive ESPN personality is the real deal, after speculation over the past few days that said stars were an item.

The possibility that Minnesota Vikings second-year quarterback Christian Ponder and ESPN sideline reporter/host Samantha Steele was originally addressed by Busted Coverage earlier this week. Courtesy of some tweets between the two that contained some veiled allusions to the chance Ponder and Steele were dating, BC surmised that it could indicate the two were more than friends.

Well, Ponder responded to a seemingly innocuous tweet Thursday afternoon from a follower that essentially let the cat out of the proverbial bag.

Some fella named Michael Fesker first raised his suspicion that Ponder and Steele were dating courtesy of a tweet on Oct. 11:

Which initiated the following exchange between Fesker and Ponder:

From there, Busted Coverage ran with it, and as they say, the stage was set.

Next up was another tweet from an assumed Ponder and/or Steele fan on Thursday:

To which, once again, Ponder engaged on Twitter, but this time, a seemingly definitive response was offered up by the Vikings signal-caller:

Well, that pretty much settles it, does it not?

Congrats to both Ponder and Steele over their apparent coupling, although it is a departure from what Ponder told Twin Cities gossip columnist C.J. in September when he claimed that “Football is my girlfriend.”

At the same time, between football and the very attractive and highly talented Samantha Steele, well, can’t say that I blame him. Heck, Ponder is even tremendously pleased with his good fortune:

Yeah, from avoiding a sophomore slump to establishing himself as an upcoming legitimate NFL quarterback by leading a Vikings team to a 4-2 record when no one gave the squad a chance this season to and add all that to dating Samantha Steele? Yeah, it’s good to be Christian Ponder right about now.

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