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Report: A-Rod and bikini model Kyna Treacy went out on date following flirtation

Reports now are surfacing that New York Yankees struggling slugger Alex Rodriguez not only allegedly engaged in flirtatious dalliances with Australian bikini model Kyna Treacy (above, left) and her gal pal during Game 1 of the American League Championship Series at Yankee Stadium last Saturday. According to friends of Treacy’s, the two apparently later went out on a date.

Regarding the interesting interactions with the Yankees star, a friend of Treacy told Sydney’s The Telegraph that “I think she was pleasantly taken aback by the whole thing.”

If that bit of A-Rod-related news involving comely Aussie lasses seated in primo seats at Yankee Stadium isn’t sexy enough, Treacy and her baseball-watching, phone-number-giving companion on Saturday, Katie Quinn, the two Aussie imports sat down exclusively with Inside Edition to give their side of the story about their sudden ascension to the front pages of the gossip rags.

Quinn, said that the two “were lucky to get those seats” without saying how exactly they procured them. Treacy also told Inside Edition‘s Paul Boyd additional details about their ballplayer-horndogger encounter:

“Katie pointed out, ‘There’s that A-Rod guy,’ I’m like, ‘Who is that?’ And she said, ‘That guy who dated Cameron Diaz.”

Boyd asked, “What did it say on the ball?”

“It said ‘Hey girls, hope you’re enjoying the game. Can you send me your numbers,’” said the girls.

The young ladies also report that after writing their phone numbers down on the baseball provided to them that they received text messages from two unidentified Yankee players, although they would not say if one of them was A-Rod let alone the identity of either of the ballplayers.

Of course, A-Rod has vehemently denied anything and everything about his latest tabloid drama, saying most recentlyl, “I mean look, I addressed that yesterday and I said, ‘It was laughable.'” So there’s that.