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Mom of Richard ‘U Mad Bro?’ Sherman has awesome Seahawks-themed truck (photo)

While he and his team might be playing the 49ers in a nationally televised game on Thursday night, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman already hasĀ achieved a fair level of notoriety on the interwebs this week after he tweeted a photo of himself appearing to taunt Patriots quarterback Tom Brady following Seattle’s impressive 24-23 victory over New England on Sunday.

If that wasn’t enough of a taunt, Sherman added the text “U MAD BRO?” to the photo as seen above, elevating the online, post-game smack talk to a hilarious, internet meme-incorporating level.

The tweet has since been deleted by Sherman — perhaps wisely — but the damage was already done, as it were, and the taunting tweet will live on in internet infamy despite its deletion.

Sherman, or more accurately, his mother, is helping keep his name circulating as a photo of her Seahawks-themed truck bearing Seattle colors and images of her son was recently uploaded to the internet.

Via @davidmlombardi:

Awesome, although I suspect it is difficult for her to travel incognito to Seahawks games in that pickup. But I suppose that’s the point, isn’t it?