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Longtime Cardinals fan zings Albert Pujols with smart-alecky signs (pics)

When Albert Pujols left St. Louis for the sunnier climes of Anaheim (and the monster payday of $240 million) during the offseason, most folks in the know did not give the Cardinals much of a fighting chance as the team was facing the need to somewhat reinvent itself and establish a new identity. Not only because of Albert’s exodus, but also due to the retirement of manager Tony La Russa.

Which makes the fact that the Cardinals are in the postseason and Pujols’ new team, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, State of California, Country of United States, Planet Earth of the Solar System, are nowhere to be found rightly affords loyal Cardinals fans in the Greater St. Louis area the right to puff out their collective chests a bit and feel pretty good about the state of the region’s beloved MLB franchise.

With Game 3 of the National League Championship Series set to visit Busch Stadium on Wednesday, longtime season ticket holder,┬áMarty Prather of Springfield, Mo., made an arrangement with a pal: paint some smart-alecky signs about Pujols’ absence from not only St. Louis but also the postseason, and in exchange, he would not only proudly display them during Game 3, the Domino’s franchise-owning Prather would offer up in a trade some free pizzas as well. Now that’s a deal.

As you can see above, Prather’s pal created a sign showcasing the fact that if Pujols was going to have a front-row seat to the MLB Playoffs, said seat would be on his couch, with popcorn bucket in hand, watching the games on television, presumably a very, very nice television, although the sign doesn’t necessarily indicate that. But we can assume.

Prather showcased an additional sign as well:


Perhaps even better for Prather and the contingent of Cards fans in attendance and, perhaps like Pujols, watching the game at home, St. Louis edged the visiting San Francisco Giants in a game delayed by rain by a score of 3-1 to take a 2-1 series lead. Hope Prather’s pal was enjoying one of his free pizzas. And Pujols his popcorn.