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Kevin Love broke two bones in his right hand doing knuckle push-ups, of all things

(still the best Kevin Love photo ever)

Minnesota Timberwolves superstar forward Kevin Love fractured the third and fourth metacarpal bones in his right hand while working out at home with his personal trainer while doing knuckle push-ups, according to a tweet from T-Wolves beat writer Jerry Zgoda.

Zgoda also reports that after visiting a doctor in New York, it was determined that Love will not require surgery, although the original timetable that Love will be out 6-8 weeks remains in place. On the other hand, sources are telling Yahoo! Sports that Love could heal in as soon as 5-6 weeks.

Either way: Knuckle push-ups, K-Love? Seriously? How about bare-knuckles boxing or something like that?

And who does he think he is, Rocky? Or alternatively, some other person or movie character who actually is known for doing knuckle push-ups? Because I’m not sure Rocky ever did knuckle push-ups. If Love had been injured chasing a chicken, on the other hand, fault would have landed squarely at the Italian Stallion’s feet.

Love just recently did extend his heartfelt thanks for all the support and kind words on Twitter:

Indeed. And whatever he does during his rehab and recovery, no chasing chickens. That’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, how about a visit to a museum or checking in on the octopus that shares his name? Those seem like much safer endeavors.