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Jeff Fisher had Rams scout team player don wig to look like Clay Matthews (photo)

In an interesting way to help his team prepare for its upcoming match-up with the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher had one of the members of the squad’s scout team wear a long, blonde wig to mimic the flowing locks of Packers standout linebacker Clay Matthews.

That’s scout team player Sammy Brown sporting the wig in the above photo. Brown, a first-year player who was picked up by the Rams as an undrafted rookie free agent, is currently on the practice squad and has only appeared in one game this season, had the unenviable task of playing the role of Matthews to help the offense practice keeping tabs on the dominant linebacker.

Said Fisher, who stated it is a method he has used on previous occasions:

“That’s a team-issued deal. I’ve done that in the past, particularly with Troy Polamalu. When you’re playing great players like Polamalu and Matthews, you like to know where they are on the field, and that helps.”

Brown claimed the wig was uncomfortable, saying, “I had to take it off,” before adding, “That thing was burning my face.” Brown also mentioned that a more effective way of mimicking Matthews’ play is to “just try to run full speed every play, get off blocks and do crazy stuff.”

Yep, that sounds about right. But anytime you can use a prop, in this case, a wig, you might as well take advantage of it. Helps complete the picture, as they say. And who wouldn’t want to look like Clay Matthews? That hair is majestic, man. Epic, even.