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Injured Yankees star Derek Jeter is back on the prowl…for a new bachelor pad (pics)

The fact that New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter unfortunately broke his ankle during Game 1 of the ALCS on Saturday apparently not only derailed season, and along with it, likely any hope that the Bronx Bombers would advance to the World Series, it also reportedly put a temporary kibosh on his Manhattan apartment-hunting escapades.

According to a report in the New York Post, Jeter was eyeing some rental property at the posh Park Imperial high rise. Jeter recently sold with his magnificent bachelor pad at Trump World Tower for $15.5 million and was looking for a new place to call home, albeit this time as a tenant and not an owner.

Jeter will need a comfortable space to spend time relaxing and regrouping as he recuperates from ankle surgery that may cause him to miss the opening of the 2013 season, and from the brief description provided by the Post of the 64th floor pad at the Park Imperial, a ritzy and exclusive address located on West 56th Street, Jeter should have no trouble getting comfortable and stretching out given the amenities and space provided.

The apartment boasts six — yep, six — bedrooms, six baths, one half-bath and 8,000 square feet. It also offers views of Central Park — presumably spectacular views at that — as the rent for this kind of space in New York is a jaw-dropping $100,000 per month. Yep once again: Per month. The apartment is currently on the market because Robert DeNiro recently backed out of a deal at the last minute.

According to a list of floorplans at the Park Imperial, here is a six-bedroom unit located on the 64th floor at the swanky site:


And some photos from a listing for Apartment 64A, available for the aforementioned price of $100,000 per month, which presumably is the apartment that Derek Jeter was taking a look at, and if it isn’t, provides a reasonable approximation what the available unit might look like:

Oh, to live, even for a month, like the better half do. A pretty good gig if you could get it.

And hey, if this place doesn’t work out for Jeter, maybe he could ask his teammate, Alex Rodriguez, what he plans to do with his NYC pad once he gets ran out of town. And if Jeter is having a hard time getting in touch with A-Rod, all he would have to do is write his number on a baseball and give it to a Yankees ball boy. That seems to do the trick.