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Dallas Stars Ice Girls put on bikinis, make music video for country hit (video)

So, the NHL lockout is still in full effect, and while the news is encouraging about it perhaps coming to an end — except when the news is not-so-encouraging — there is a dearth of quality hockey content available on the interwebs. With that in mind, how about we take our minds off the terribleness of it all by ogling the Dallas Stars Ice Girls shaking and strutting their stuff to a hit country music song?

Yeah, I figured at least a good many of you would agree with that option and would click through.

Anyhoo, the video stars the Dallas, uh, Stars Ice Girls lip-syncing their way through the Little Big Town hit, “Pontoon” which apparently is a song about a pontoon or riding on a pontoon or something. The point is, it features the Dallas Stars Ice Girls in bikinis and having a good time, unfortunately far, far away from the ice. So here you go.

Great video. And I have to be honest, I have never heard the song before, but given that I’m not a contemporary country music fan — I”ll take Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and the like any day, though — that should come as no surprise.

But the fact that the original version of the video has garnered over 7 million views on YouTube certainly indicates the tune was a bona fide smash on the country music scene, although I cannot provide any testimony to the relative quality of the song since I watched it with the mute on. And amazingly, the video was still plenty entertaining. Who woulda thunk it?

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