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Blazers rookie throws down violent alley-oop jam, flexes awkwardly afterward (vid)

Portland Trail Blazers rookie center Meyers Leonard demonstrated in preseason action against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday that he’s got some mad hops. Drafted with the 11th overall pick, the former University of Illinois big man went up high, came down hard (that’s why they call it the “high hard one” as veteran NBA announcer Kevin Harlan has said on occasion) with a violent one-handed slam dunk over Wilson Chandler after receiving a nifty alley-oop feed from teammate Coby Carl (son of Nuggets coach George, as an interesting aside). It was a brilliant play, a dazzling display of leaping ability and ferocity above the rim.

That’s where the compliments end.

Upon coming back down to earth following his aggressive slamma-jamma, Leonard busted out an impromptu celebratory pose: an awkward flexing of the arms, something teammate LaMarcus Aldridge, even with only seeing it for the first time on Wednesday, has had his fill.

Via BlazersEdge:

“We’ve seen him catch crazy alley-oops in practice and do those kinds of plays all the time,” Aldridge told Blazersedge. “I think his celebration was more surprising than the actual dunk. It was like the Hulk Hogan, Karate Kid flex. I don’t know what that is. That was the first time for that one.”

“I don’t want to see that ever again,” Aldridge continued, laughing at the mental image and repeating himself for emphasis. “Ever again.”

Blazers head coach Terry Stotts was befuddled about the celebratory flex as well, shaking his head and saying when asked about it, “You’re going to have to ask Meyers.”

Yeah, anytime someone busts out a move that is referred to as a hybrid between a flex from Hulk Hogan and Karate Kid, well, that ain’t good.