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Justin Verlander and Prince Fielder team up for epic fist bump fail (photos)

For the purposes of this post, there is little need to go into any great detail to describe the athletic prowess both Justin Verlander and Prince Fielder consistently exhibit on the baseball field at their respective positions. It suffices to say that the Detroit Tigers stars are two of the best ballplayers in the game at this time.

Although it seems their baseball-related skills apparently do not translate to the male rituals of high-fiving and/or fist-bumping, as is so clearly illustrated in the above photo as the two meet on the infield at Comerica Park during Detroit’s big Game 3 win over the New York Yankees on Tuesday night.

The two stars were in the process of congratulating each other after Verlander retired the side in the top of the 7th inning. As you can see, the teammates must have gotten crossed up, as Verlander comes in with the fist bump while Fielder offers up the high five. Awkward.

Additional photo depicting the fist bump fail from a better angle follows.

Sheesh. Granted, it’s nowhere close as bad as when Steve Williams and Tiger Woods would routinely embarrass mankind with their epic and awkward high-five-fails, but still, come on, fellas.