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Bodybuilder overapplies tanner to body but not to head, results are hilarious (pic)

This photo has been making its way around the interwebs for the past day or two, and at first I decided against doing a quick write-up about it. But the more I thought about it, the clearer it became to me that this ridiculously comical pic had to become part of the Sportress Archives for the sake of perpetuity.

Photo in its entirety follows.


The photo, taken during the  Arnold Classic Europe bodybuilding competition, a three-day fitness festival named after and hosted by former bodybuilder-turned-Hollywood action hero-turned-gubernatorial horndogger Arnold Schwarzenegger, features one competitor’s ultimate fail as it related to properly preparing himself to pose and flex and do whatever it is these grotesque caricatures do during these events.

As you can see, he applied bronzer or whatever he used or did to his entire body, save for his head, which because of its omission, comically sticks out like a sore thumb in light of bodybuilder guy’s oversight.

I’ve sat here for a bit in an attempt to come up with an apt comparison or something to explain or illustrate how ridiculous this guy looks, but I’m coming up empty. But at least now I have something to reference the next time I believe something looks incredibly stupid. Now I can say, “This (insert thing here) looks about as ridiculous as that bodybuilder who forgot to tan his head.”

See? That’ll be nice to have in my pocket when the time comes.

[image via Daily Mail]