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Arianny Celeste releases music video for song, ‘Top of the World,’ so here it is (video)

On Wednesday afternoon, UFC Octagon Girl Goddess Arianny Celeste announced the news to her Twitter followers that the brand new music video for her song, “Top of the World,” had officially dropped (dropped — ha — see how hip I am?).

Being devoted Ariannyophiles here at the Sportress, of course we were going to highlight her most recent foray in “Making Sexy Music Videos” business.

There you have it. Thoughts? Good? Great? Bad? Terrible?

Sportsnet staff described the new tune and accompanying video as such: “It may be hard on the ears but it’s easy on the eyes for many.”

A tad harsh, if you ask me. It might not be my style of music, but it ain’ that bad. I mean, if Deion Sanders, Shaquille O’Neal and crap, Manny Pacquiao, of all people, and other personalities from the sports world feel free to pursue vanity projects in order to chase their dreams  of making it in the music business, why not Arianny Celeste?

But to be perfectly honest, I much prefer the song by The Carpenters that bears the same title as Miss Celeste’s new tune. Call me old school if you will.

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