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With different-colored eyes, Tigers P wore fitting goggles during celebration (photo)

As is plainly evident above, Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer has  Heterochromia iridum, a condition that in the most basic of layman’s terms causes a person’s eyes to be two different colors.

Having said condition, the unique set of goggles Scherzer strapped to his head to protect his multi-colored eyes during Detroit’s celebration following the team advancing to the ALCS after dispatching the Oakland A’s on Thursday were completely appropriate.

Tweeted by Erica May, the significant other of Scherzer, with the message, “Best anniversary gift ever!!”, Scherzer sported goggles with multi-colored lenses to match his mutli-colored eyes during the raucous celebration:

Awesome. Not a bad-looking cigar either…or significant other, for that matter.

When the Tigers created a Max Scherzer bobblehead, the team took into account Scherzer’s different-colored eyes:

That’s pretty awesome, too.

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