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Steelers fan invades field during game, corralled by pink-clad security (photo)

(Photo: George Walker IV, The Tennessean)

The Pittsburgh Steelers — or perhaps more accurately, the team’s fans — probably figured heading into Thursday night’s ¬†match-up with the Tennessee Titans that the somewhat underperforming squad (although the team has been devastated by injuries) would begin to turn around the season courtesy of what they reasonably envisioned as a cupcake on the schedule.

Unfortunately for the Steelers and the team’s rabid fanbase, things did not go as planned, as Pittsburgh was edged by the hometown Tennessee team by a score of 26-23, dropping the Steelers to a surprising 2-3 record.

To add insult to, uh, insult, what you see above is a Steelers fan attempting to elude security after making the ill-advised decision to storm the turf at LP Field. Certainly not an uncommon sight these days, but here’s the question:

What was more emasculating for this doofus of a Steelers fan: Losing to the woeful Titans or getting chased down by security guards clad in a very non-threatening shade of pink? I’d call it a toss-up. Although spending a night in the clink probably wasn’t that great, either.

And here’s another question: What’s up with Ed Hochuli idly standing by while this dolt causes an on-field ruckus? My guess is Ed simply could have flexed his ginormous biceps and this guy would have cowered and rolled himself into the fetal position on the turf.

[H/T Game On!]